Zombie Apocalypse O.o

After playing countless hours of “Left 4 Dead” on Brooksy’s Xbox 360 while listening to the new EP “Zombie” by one of our favorite bands The Devil Wears Prada, we started to wonder what would happen if there was truly a zombie apocalypse. There are dozens of movies about zombie attacks and books about how to survive against a zombie invasion, but what would happen on a local and global scale?

On a local scale there would be complete and total havoc. People would be going insane and running around and either being zombie food or annihilating zombies. The local Wal-mart would be engulfed with a bunch of psychotic individuals trying to stay alive. Every town would look like either a ghost town or riot central. I would not blame people if they became crazy after a zombie attack; it would very difficult to stay sane after a little 5 year old girl is trying to eat you like a happy meal. However, there is always the chance that the world would represent a wasteland of scattered outposts where the hardened survivors stock-pile weapons and supplies and numerous factions begin a struggle for power in a desperate attempt to create a joint government.

Only the smart and the agile people would survive. As disturbing and inappropriate as this may be (even though Brooksy does not care what you think of him), there is a plus side to an attack on zombies. Since there would be so many zombies or dead zombies, the overall population of humans in the world decrease. This would help the overpopulation and food crisis (but demand for brains would increase significantly). Even in the darkest times, there can still be a bright side.

On a global scale however there would be a chance to start anew. Zombies would become the enemy of all Nations; therefore all nations would join together in an attempt to wipe out the zombie infestation. This would create a strong chance for peace between all nations. If the human population were to come out victorious, there would be a new era of civilizations around the world that would be able to coexist with one another. .Then again, there is always the chance that we cannot defeat the zombies and end up all being zombies. This would be bad and we would all be f*cked.

Meaning of Life (part 2)

For those that did not read “Life Lessons with Brooksy” it started off with the first question most people ask themselves, “What is the meaning of life?”. It was divided into two sections (men and women). I (Brooksy) explained how the meaning of life for men was sex and money. To sum up what I wrote (for those who did not read that blog) I explained how every man wants sex because its awesome and most men think about it on a daily basis. I also went on how money makes the world go ‘round and makes men more attractive, thus receiving more sex.

Today we are continuing to part 2, women. Since neither of us are females (to the best of our knowledge) it was more difficult to discover what is the reason they do what they do. Why do girls get out of bed and go on with their day?. The answer? Relationships.
Ah yes, relationships are the reason why girls do practically everything and anything. Throughout a womans life relationships give women sexy time, money (referring to the older ladies), and of course love. These are all things women like! And let us break it down for you.
1. Sexy Time: Although women are not as open with it as men, they do enjoy sex (a lot I might add). Whether they are 16 or 60, girls like it. Now we are also aware of the absinent women out there, but they do get married one day and “get it on”. Not only that but sexy time can bring new life into this world. It creates a new relationship with your own flesh and blood.

2. Money: Everybody likes money. For women it enables them to go out and buy different things. Whether it be clothes, furniture, etc. It allows them to go and hang out and do whatever they please with their friends. You cant ever go wrong with money.

3. Love: Every girl looks for love. Whether it be high school love or eternal love. Its what makes a couple stick together for a long time and when they love someone they would do anything for that person. Its what fuels a marriage. Its what makes old people still kiss each other when theyre wrinklier than a raisin. I mean, has anyone noticed the obscene amount of romance movies? Its just mega overload love, because that is what women want!

So there it is. Relationships. It is the reason why women do everything and anything. It is their meaning of life.

Unicorns and Sex???

Welcome to the new blog Unicorns and Sex. Such an odd name, but such a great meaning. This blog has been made for one reason; to answer the tough questions of life that no one seems to have the answer to. We are here to make this world a better place.

But why the name Unicorns and Sex? The answer is simple, its eye catching. Its rare that someone reads “Unicorns and Sex” and thinks to themselves “Thats not worth looking into. Im sure its boring.” It was originally going to be sexandunicorns.tumblr.com but some man humping a unicorn took it (we’re not kidding, go look!).

(via parti)  Oh, Ill party hard..if youll go down on me hard.. you didnt see that

For those that did not know, this was originally “Life Lessons with Brooksy” with Michael Brooke. As good as the blog may had been, it just felt like it was missing something. Then, Jordan Rice came out of nowhere to fill that empty hole. With Jordan being the backbone of this blog and Brooksy being the charisma, this blog will take off with ease.

It will be a little less than a week for the blog to be at optimal speed, but you will be blown away with what have to say.